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Daily fishing permit fees are $5.50 each day for each individual 16 years of age and better.  A valid California fishing license is also required for all persons fishing who are age 16 and better.


Approximately 90% of Pardee Lake anglers fish for trout, both from the shore and from boats. For that reason, we manage mostly as a put-and-take trout fishery. For years, about 70,000 catch-able, in addition to regular plants of 1½ to 5 pound rainbow trout have been stocked annually.  Some by the Department of Fish and Game, but over 90% by the concessionaire.  We purchase these fish using fishing access permit funds.

100% of the access permit funds are used to re-stock the lake with fish. Pardee pioneered this program in 1975 and many others use this system now.


The Brown Trout population within Pardee Lake  has always been known but during the spring of 2010 it became very apparent there is an abundance of this trout species as record catch numbers were reported. They are a very elusive species and you have to look long and deep for them.


Fishing for Catfish is also surprisingly good with blues, channels, and whites all available.



For many years thousands of Kokanee Salmon (landlocked sockeye salmon) fry were air dropped into Pardee waters by the Department of Fish and Game.  The last few years the stocking of Kokanee has been accomplished by California Inland Fisheries Foundations, Inc., PROJECT KOKANEE, a private non-profit organization working with the Department of Fish and Game.

Koakee are silver with blueish color backs and very soft mouths in the early season. When they are old enough to spawn (approx. 3 years old) they turn a vivid orange-red color on their bodies with a parrot green head. Their jaws become very hooked and hard and like any other salmon species, after they spawn their life span is over.


Local bass anglers consider Pardee a well kept secret in their own back yard.


also abide within the waters of Pardee Lake and will keep the kids busy providing a fast paced fishing experience.

Our state-of-the-art fish cleaning station is a plus to Pardee Lake anglers.  It is an automated  system where you simply approach the station and the grinder turns on automatically. You control your own flow of rinse water, clean your fish, and then just walk away.  The grinder shuts itself off automatically.  Also, it is ADA designed for the disabled.  It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fishing report 5/20/16

Water Temp: 75 degrees at the Marina

Weather: Cold and windy today with rain possible tomorrow.  The outlook is warming up to the mid to upper 70’s to the low 80’s by next weekend.

Trout, Bass and Catfish: No news on any of these guys this week.

Kokanee: This has been the week for kokanee! The best places have been the west side of the lake from the Dam to Mistletoe , near Twin Coves and south of the buoy line. You have to get down between 20 and 40 ft to find them though. The best color bait by far has been pink! Purple, orange and green have been working well also. Spinner hoochies along with Apexes have been the best set up to use.  Folks coming out early will find it easy to limit out quickly. 

Success Stories of the week
Andre Fontenot from San Bruno caught his limit using pink spinner hoochies near the mouth of the river. He got his limit before 9 am!

Nathan, Cynthia and Natey Leonard were back and rocking it again. They each got their limit by 10 am. They were using spinner hoochies with Apexes as well.

Thank for coming out and well done to you all!




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